How to hire a game designer for a purpose?

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Life of a game designer is quite challenging and many a times they are hired by a client without realising the reason behind their hiring. At times they work as a designer for a permanent role and some other times they are hired as a contractor. When an employer is not sure about the roles and responsibilities of a designer then the major reason behind this could only be the fact that the employer are really not aware about the work profile of a game designer.

Many a times, clients really do not know what they in actual fact expect from a game designer and thus after hiring a designer a misalignment gets created between the designers and their employer. A lot of the time the reason behind the misalignment could also be due to glossed over facts between the designers and their clients.

A designer can try and explain the functioning of the deliverables about any game which may be sometimes hard for a non-designer person to understand. People think that the whole idea sounds great but it is just because they do not understand the reality and intricacies involved in the concept.

The work approach used by a designer is totally different which most other people may not really understand.  Thus the split between the thought process of a designer and their client could lead to the misalignment in results. To avoid all this confusion, it is necessary to understand the functionality of the designer.


Understand the tasks; a designer must do for you:

Game designer is a creative translator of various codes and helps in designing the entire product forward. A lead designer could lead a team of other designers who could be doing the same task. The responsibility of the designer may differ from one studio to another studio. The designer decides the strategy for the design and delivers the final product to the client.

The work methodologies may also differ for a designer from one studio to another studio. At some places client prefer a consensus-driven approach for the final results and at other places outcomes of a product should be deliverable or momentum focused. Lastly one must know what deliverables they really want from a designer.

How to hire a designer?

Finding a correct designer is a herculean task. It is always safe to hire the designer on a consulting basis initially. That helps to understand the potential of the designer in a better way. Let the designer review the project first so that he/she can get a real-time feel about the work.

Some may not find it crazy to get Windows 9 for free

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It may be difficult at some point to quickly understand things that may be obvious at one point. We are at the verge of seeing the release of Windows 9 and the latest rumour in the market is, if the new Windows 9 would be free or not? People are curious to know if they can avail the Windows 9 features and facilities for free. According to current gossips making rounds in the market Windows 8 could also become free after the new code comes in to the market and Windows XP becomes cheaper for the user after the new code.

The users of Windows 8 have already made the payment for their recent copy of Windows through OEM or it could have been done directly. It makes quite a sense that now the users can get a free copy of Operating system for which they have already paid. This new operating system could actually enhance the computing system for the users and might also not be expensive for the users. The existing users of the operating system could not really look for a full priced new operating system in the market.


The scenario is different for Windows XP as for this operating system, the users are quite vulnerable because the formal support given to this software might end soon. Microsoft may offer a more stable support to its Windows XP users. In last few years users have learnt lot of new aspects of OS and it might not be Windows 8 as people have learnt in last few years.

Recently Microsoft has made some efforts to make Windows free for a few users. On buying any small device that could have the screen size of 9 inches or less and which could be tablet or phone, users can get Windows absolutely free. This is a new change revolutionized by the company and now Microsoft is potentially trying to make its soul zero cost for some of the users. It is not a surprising fact that Microsoft is changing its revenue models and it could actually make lot of things free for its users.

At once it may not be possible for Microsoft to make Windows free for all. Company needs revenue flexibility to grant the free OS for all its users. In short order all the users can have a good first look at the Windows and Microsoft will definitely take some solid and firm steps to make things simpler and easier for all its users.


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