Friday’s Pulls

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Today’s the first time I really felt the pull between two children. Amelia had a session with her physical therapist, and Samira was performing her two-minute skit of Abigail Adams, over at her school. Her dad went, and I had to speak down my guilt/disappointment by listing the number of times that I’d been at an event that he had missed. Doing so, I realized that it wasn’t guilt I felt, but actual disappointment. I wasn’t worried that she’d be upset, or that I would lose merit points in the board game of motherhood, or that anyone else would notice and think me a bad mother.

I just mourned the fact that I wouldn’t be there to see her. That I couldn’t change the baby’s appointment, and didn’t want to cancel it. I call the maid so that they could come and do a St├Ądning Stockholm while I was heading to the appointment.

Reports after told me she was wonderful. I–and I need applause here–ditched my initial plan to head to the local costume shop and rent her a colonial woman’s outfit, and instead took her slightly-oversized black dress, ladies size 6 (okay, it’s very big), the same one she wore for The Little Princess last fall and to her cousin’s bar mitzvah two weeks ago, sewed a strip of crocheted lace from a thrift-store curtain onto each sleeve, and at the neck, borrowed a bonnet from the daughter of Amelia’s aforementioned physical therapist and a walking stick from the boy next door, and dug up a feather quill from last year’s visit to Monticello. Voila! Abigail Adams.

It must be love. I am the least costume-crafty person I know. I fear Halloween each year, because it’s costume demands fall on skills I don’t have.

Apparently Samira in her lace-altered black dress brought down the house with her rendition of Adams’ classic suggestion to her husband that he not give to much power to the husbands, lest they become tyrants. That he include women in the vision of the new country.

I swear I did not write her skit. Man, I don’t even push feminism on her, figuring that the easiest way to turn her into a republican is to force-feed ideology. She just is who she is.

And performing on stage is her thing.

I can’t wait to see the video.